TRAVELER - The new jazz fusion album from award-winning composer and musician David Frederick.

Taking a very brief break from film and television composition, David went back to his roots as a pianist, organist, keyboard player, and synthesist to compose, perform and deliver his new album Traveler.

Traveler draws on David's keyboard, jazz, and Latin jazz inspirations such as Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Lyle Mayes, Keith Emerson, Michel Camilo, Eddie Palmieri, Paquito d'Rivera, Rubin Gonzalez, Tower of Power, and more to deliver a fresh new sound.

From funkified and infectious grooves to smooth jazz, big synthesizers to Latin jazz fusion. Traveler is a musical journey and rediscovery of David's roots.

David describes the album this way "I wanted to rediscover my keyboard chops while writing some groove-oriented songs for this album. I took a "stream of consciousness - composition" approach to this album where I sat down at the keyboard and computer and started with an idea and kept going until I felt done. All the parts recorded as I went along. No formal A,B,A styled song form. Just whatever came to mine, felt groovy and ended up being whatever it ended up being. Truly a stream of consciousness type of vibe.


I really wanted to incorporate groove throughout. Whether through Latin percussion, cool synthesizer grooves, cool comping, or just straight-up funky grease. If it didn't groove it didn't work for me. I also wanted to incorporate the big analog synthesizer sounds of the '70s and '80s. The sounds I grew up with. This allowed me to use my custom synthesizer sound patches from my favorites...the Arp 2600, Minimoog, Oberheim SEM, Prophet 5, Yamaha CS-80, DX 7II, Hammond B3, and more."

"While I performed 99.5% of all the instruments and tracks on the album, there are a few tracks that feature some of my musical friends like my long time friend and drummer extraordinaire Jay Dittamo, the amazing Brazilian drummer Sallaberry, and guitarist Grey Moore to help bring some additional groove and musical performance to the album. I am so grateful they contributed to this project and as a result, made the album even better. There is nothing like playing music with your friends!"


"Traveler for me is really a journey through all of my musical career and styles of music I have played as a keyboard player either as a session musician or jazz musician. Creating this album was truly a nice change of pace from scoring music for film and television. While still a little rusty on my jazz chops (it's been a while!) and I am probably in need of a lot more time in the woodshed, it was great to be able to play. Just play. Comp, solo, a keyboard player. Play keyboards as a musician and not just as a composer. Revisit the chops so to speak and spread a little "East Coast grease."


"This album is also special to me because of the loss of so many of my keyboard hero's like Keith, Chick, and Lyle. As a result, I have tried to incorporate some little sounds, motifs, etc. either consciously or subconsciously that remind me of them, as sort of an homage to their legacy and influence on my music."


"I truly hope you enjoy this album and if nothing else, appreciate the grooves and very cool old analog synthesizer and B3 organ sounds found throughout. Now back to the movies!"

- Dave


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