"A true musical talent! Creative, personable, easy to work with and a composer who delivers world-class music and vision! A rare combination in today's film and television composer."

The late Frank Capra, Jr. - Director and Executive Producer, Cape Fear Film Works & former President of EUE Screen Gems Studios

"David is simply brilliant. His versatility, creativity, and attention to detail are second to none. His music elevates every production he works on and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to work with him. It was a true pleasure collaborating. His versatility, professionalism, and easygoing nature make him a rare talent that I very much look forward to working with again."

Trevor Mayes - Writer/Director, Triple Time & The Dancer

"David has been blessed with a gift of being able to transcend the feelings of characters on screen through sound, allowing the audience to ride those waves of emotions as they watch the story unfold. My ask for David was to create a soundtrack for the film that would represent the overall tragic story and serve as a memorable soundtrack. I am happy to say our objective was met!"

Ahmed-El Mawas - Director, Film "A Love Story"

"David is the man! He listened to my ideas and handcrafted a score that took my film to a whole new level. We'll definitely be working together again on other projects!"

Jonathan Stanley - Director, Film "Badges"

"Great Film Composer!"

Henry Simpson - Gray, Director, Film "Forgotten"


"Wow. Sitting here crying. It is absolutely beautiful!!! To say you are amazing is the least descriptive word I could use to describe your unbelievable talent and professionalism. I can't believe the effect your music has on the scenes and the entire film as a whole! It's magic really. Your score has made this movie so powerful. I'm humbled that you shared your talent with me and my film. It's breathtaking. So honored Dave."

Christine Altan - Director, Altan Films - Film "Namaste"

"Wow! David composed and delivered a dynamic, powerful and moving score that totally supported the passion, drama and tension I envisioned for my film. Further, not only did he deliver a wonderful score, he delivered it ahead of schedule!! David is an absolute joy to work with and a true composing talent.” 

Joe Barton, Director & Producer – Film "Dejeration”

"I had the pleasure of working with David on a film that had a tight deadline. Given the short time frame I was concerned that we wouldn't have enough time to lock down the score. Not only did David complete the score on schedule, he effortlessly captured the spirit of the film while simultaneously adding a creative dimension to it. David's sensibilities as a composer for film and his understanding of film making make him an easy collaborator. I'd work with him again anytime!" 

Vladimir Minuty, Director and Producer of the film "Overtime"

"Beautiful! Powerful! Suspenseful! I was so impressed with your music. You have such a diverse range of musical styles. Your music blows away the competition." 

Glen Powell - Director, Doorbell

"I am so excited to be working with David on my film. Not only is David a tremendous and talented composer, he has a unique musical sensitivity and perspective that fits my film perfectly" - Mark C. Huntington - Director, Shadows of October.

Mark C. Huntington - Director, Shadows of October.

"Working with David was a truly exciting experience! As a filmmaker who appreciates music and the visual media, it was great to work with someone who understands the importance of fusing the two mediums. David is so talented at interpreting and executing the music for the visual medium, that it is nearly impossible to not want to work with him again on future projects. As a filmmaker, it amazes me how he interprets the themes of my medium flawlessly, through his medium - music; while still maintaining his artistic voice and letting it shine through seamlessly. It was an honor to work with him."

Davis Northern - Director, "Romeo and His Juliet".

"I wanted to thank you for the outstanding contribution you and your people made to our PBS documentary - The Last Covered Bridges of Pennsylvania. With your amazingly beautiful musical score, I was finally able to produce the documentary I've always wanted to do. It's no wonder it was nominated for an Emmy nomination!" 

John Jones, Executive Producer and Director

"David's music was awesome, everyone was blown away" 

Steve Kownacki, President Final Focus Productions

"David's art and artistry are top draw. They are truly world class!"

Rust Richards, Producer Ascension Media

"David is a professional, his work is high quality, and he makes the creative production process enjoyable. I highly recommend David to anyone needing professional music composition, sound design and production for film or television!" 

Michael Endy, Director - JPL Productions.

"To anyone making a choice between music libraries, composers/arrangers and products with David's name on it, is well worth the listen. The old saying, "you can have it two of three ways - good, fast or at reasonable cost" does not apply in David's case, you can really have all three and be thrilled with the results !" 

John "Dusty" Rees, President & Creative Director - FL&L Digital Production Studios, Inc.

"Thank you so much for jumping in last minute and saving the spot with your wonderful music. Your music added the final layer we needed!"

Monique Douglas - Accomplish Films.

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"David delivers through his music the passion, power and vision to my game productions" 

John Farnsworth, Producer at Tom Clancy's Red Storm Entertainment/Ubisoft.


FROM: Games Domain Review

"What was truly inspiring was the music. It was second to none."


"The music in this game sounds like masterpieces of orchestrated music! The upbeat and strong emphasis is heart pounding!"

FROM: Glide Underground

"The music score had the rousing sound of a Jack Ryan movie score. It pumped up the blood with staccato rhythm and military trumpetry." 

FROM: The Adrenalin Vault

"Great audio and awesome mission briefings".

FROM: Games First

"The sound in this game is great! Your forces respond in realistic and clear voices, the firing from your weapons are nice and beefy, and the enthusiasm in your forces' voices are real as they announce 'tank kill!" 


"The sound effects are so good you might actually soil yourself. If you have a speaker system with a sub woofer, you're in for a treat. You may actually forget you're in the safety of your own home. Another great feature of Force 21 is it's soundtrack. It'll get you pumped up in no time."


"The audio effects are something that deserves mention. From tank fire to helicopter noise everything sounds great, (especially after I piped it through my stereo and let it rip). There really is no better feeling than to sneak up on an unsuspecting enemy position with a healthy-sized attack force, popping up long enough to launch a barrage of anti-tank missiles and tank shells and to then listen to your commanders call out each enemy kill. It was music to my ears." 


"The audio comes across so subtly that you just sit there and go "yeaaahhh." You hear and feel the "whoosh" of rockets from the helicopters, and the tanks and artillery are felt in the pit of your stomach with their deep booms. Okay, enough said; the audio works and works very well."

FROM: Gamezilla PC Games

"The game has great music. It's Good, Clean, and Clear."

FROM: Game Tropics ​

"The rumble of engines, the commands over the radio, and the gut-wrenching explosions made for a very horrific feeling of real warfare." 

FROM: Game Zone

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"Gets started with a bang ! The noise loops on disk one are some of the most useful I've heard. They are very cool. There is a nice mixture of super tight machine beats, human feeling funk grooves, and loops with synth accompaniment. This is truly a monster tool box to build all of your musical creations. The bad news is...well there isn't any! "  

Keyboard Magazine ***** 5 Star Review September 1996 issue. Review of Syntonic Generator SFX CD

Outstanding! World Class Hollywood Sound Effects in one library! Over 250 "5 star" customer reviews *****

The Hollywood Edge - HPX Sound Effects Library

"With HPX , the audio editor has the world's best sound effects! A comprehensive sound effects library that offers world-class quality, creativity, and easy access designed specifically for the high-end audio editor." 

Sound Ideas - The Hollywood Edge - HPX Sound Effects Library

"Balls to the walls analog synth tones, patterns and events that will make sit up and take notice! The sound quality is consistently top notch. Out of this world! Terrific rhythm patterns abound. Slammin' stuff ! It's the wild stuff that send this into five-star territory !" 

Keyboard Magazine ***** 5 Star Review September 1996 issue. Review of Vortexual Amplitude SFX CD

"Vortexual Amplitude stands apart completely from the common analog synthesizer products for many distinct reasons. An absolutely brilliant resource for analog keys and loops. We envisage Vortexual Amplitude to appease even the most finicky of synthesizer enthusiasts!!!"

FROM: the Shark-What is Net

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