df|Music Group is the home of all things David Frederick.


df|Music Group is the home of:


  • David Frederick Music - Music Scoring for Film, Television, Trailers, Games, Commercials, and Music Libraries


  • df|MG Signature Series - Highly acclaimed sound effects, synthesizer patch books, and sample libraries for professional audio editors, game developers, musicians, music producers, and DJ's. 

  • df|MG Modern Audio Blog - A blog for musicians, composers, sound designers, producers, directors or anyone involved in media production

  • df|MG Records - David's record label for his soundtracks and albums.

  • df|MG Innovative Consulting - consulting services to the technology, education, digital musical instrument-technology, and advertising/media industry.

  •  df|MG Publishing - The publishing company for David's music compositions and albums.


df|Music Group and David Frederick provide award-winning music composition, scoring, and sound design to clients in the film, TV, gaming, trailer, advertising, visual media, technology, and entertainment industry.


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